Dustin Washington

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Dustin Washington is the Co-Head Coach with his oldest son, Calin Washington for Local Hoops 15u Alpha.

Dustin coached AAU basketball with Seattle Best Basket Ball Academy for 9 years and has coached with Local Hoops since its inception in 2012. Dustin has extensive experience coaching on a local and national level. Dustin also coached Seattle Academy’s Varsity team during summer and fall leagues through 2011-2013.

Dustin brings Soul Focused Psychology to every aspect of his coaching methodology. Dustin believes that each of his player’s posses inherent greatness and inner power and uses basketball as a vehicle to support his players bringing out their greatness in every aspect of their lives. Dustin’s players are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA and to conduct themselves as gentleman and leaders at school, home and the community. Dustin believes that basketball when coached from a Soul Focused framework can enhance the emotional, mental, spiritual and leadership skills of each of his players. Dustin’s teams become a family and create a strong brotherhood that lasts well beyond the basketball career’s of his athletes. Dustin also works with other Local Hoops coaches to outgrow the impact of The Egoic mind and toxic subconscious programming and to fully step into their Highest selves.

Dustin is a martial artist, poet, Co-Founder of The Soul Focus Group LLC and very proud father of Nico and Calin Washington.