Sonya Glaspy


Sonya has been developing young athletes since 2012.  She coached for US Basketball, Eastside Catholic and Kent Elite before coming to Local Hoops in 2016. 


Coaching basketball helped Sonya discover her passion for teaching children and helping them develop their character both on and off the court.  She is as a paraprofessional in the Seattle Public School District, working one-on-one with children who have behavioral issues and trouble focusing in a traditional classroom setting.


Sonya has a high energy coaching style that’s based in excitement and encouragement. She gets really excited when one of her players achieves a new goal or tries something outside their comfort zone.  She believes her primary purpose as a coach is to cultivate her athletes’ positive self-confidence and belief in themselves as young athletes.

She coaches because she believes there’s always something to be learned and there are never-ending levels to what players can achieve. She simply loves the game and enjoys being around others who love it just as much if not more.