College Night

Thinking of playing in college? LocalHOOPs College Night presentations will help you get ready.  Come hear the straight scoop and get answers to your questions from college coaches and players who have already lived your dream. 

Check back for the time and date of our next College Night.  Until then, check out what you missed at our last event:


LocalHOOPS College Night May 2019 

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with special guests 

Che Dawson &Alvin Snow

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Che Dawson

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Che Dawson is the head men's basketball coach at Highline College, where he has coached since 2003.  Kelly and his brother Tre both played for Coach Che, and he had a transformative impact on their lives.  Coach Che was a four-year letterman at Seattle University, where he earned his B.A. in Political Science and Criminal Justice before getting his J.D. (law) degree from the University of Washington.  Coach Che was also head coach for Chief Sealth High School for 8 years and assistant coach at Ingraham High School for 3 years.  He and his wife Kelly have two sons in the LocalHOOPS program. 

Alvin Snow

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Alvin Snow is CEO of Worldwide Sports Management, an agency representing elite basketball players in the NBA and international leagues.  Before becoming an agent he played professionally in Europe for over a decade.  He graduated from Eastern Washington University, where he was Big Sky Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year.  He was recently inducted into Eastern's hall of fame.

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Communicating with Coaches

Three rules for communicating with coaches:

  1. Be responsive

  2. Over communicate

  3. Show respect to everyone who communicates with you

How to Maximize Your Recruting Exposure

Get on your target school's radar by sending their lead assistant-coach a personalized email. 

Transitioning to College

You will face adversity as you transition to college.  Be ready and let your character guide you through it:

  • On the court - speed of the game and the effort required to be successful will be your biggest challenges

  • Off the court - it will be time management

A Typical Day as a College Player

Classes, study hall, homework, practices, shoot arounds, weight training, film study... You'll be busy!

The Importance of a Well-Rounded Game

In college, opponents will scout you and take away your first option, so having a well-rounded game is super important.

Fit Before Level

Having a great college experience is all about whether the school you choose is the right fit for you, not about whether it's DI or whatever other level

Specialization & Training

Wondering about whether to specialize in basketball instead of playing multiple sports?  About how much and what type of training to do?  About whether to play in college or even make a career out of basketball?

It all comes down to what each individual athlete wants to do.

Preparing Academically

To be ready for college and maximize your chances of being recruited, take care of business right away as a freshman and sophomore, and make sure you take all your core classes.

Register in the NCAA & NAIA Eligibility Centers

You can't be recruited if you aren't registered in the Eligibility Centers (previously known as the clearinghouses).

NCAA Eligibility Center

NAIA Eligibility Center

FAFSA is Free Money

It's critical for every athlete to fill out a FAFSA application (Federal Student Aid).  It makes it easier for coaches to recruit you!

Full Rides are Scarce

Full ride scholarships are scarce, especially at non-D1 levels.  Understand how partial scholarships work and fill out your FAFSA.

Parents & the Recruiting Process

Let your child take the lead.  Be supportive.  Teach them the right way to handle business and hold them accountable for doing so.

Two recruiting stories from Coach Che.