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Challenge your skills on the court with us.


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Game play   is a hugely important part of skills development, as long as it is approached with the right mindset.  We offer competitive AAU teams for players whose goal is to forge their skills in the furnace of competition.  Games are where skills training gets real - feedback in live-play situations is how all the new skills our athletes acquire in training get solidified into natural parts of their next-level game.  Using games as the pinnacle of development opportunities is our primary goal.  And if we bring home some hardware along the way, it's just that much more fun.

We travel locally, regionally and nationally to compete and gain exposure for our top athletes.

We offer  boys and girls teams 1st-12th grade, separated by three seasons:

Fall - Our brief fall season is a great way to warm up for school tryouts.   It runs from September through November and is open to all grade levels.

Winter - Our winter season is a great way for our younger kids, 8th graders and below, to challenge themselves and keep their skills growing in preparation for spring.  It runs from November through the end of February. High schoolers play with their school teams during this period.

Spring - Spring is the big AAU season when our players build their skills by challenging themselves against the best competition, and also a chance for the older kids to get seen and participate in the recruiting process. It runs from March through July.


Not quite ready for AAU? 

We offer an in-house development league that's the perfect blend of training and inter-squad game play in a highly supportive atmosphere.