Getting Safely Back On The Court

Our players' health is our top priority. The goal of our reopening plan is to get them back on the court in a way that keeps them safe while reigniting their skills progress and love for the game.  Read the details below and then come train with us outdoors!


Safety will always be our number 1 priority. Until the pandemic is completely over (phase 4 of Washington State's reopening plan) we will have the following safety measures in place:

  • Reopening will strictly follow Gov. Inslee's timeline for our state.  We will not rush things.  As such, all details and dates are tentative.

  • All athletes will practice social distancing still during training.

- Coaches & players will stay 6 feet away from each at all times.
- All drills will be non-contact.

  • Group size will be capped in accordance with state guidelines for each phase

- 4 or fewer during phase 1.5, for example​

  • Only coaches and athletes will be allowed in the gyms, no parents or other spectators.

  • Athletes will use their own basketball and rebound their own shots. 

  • Hand sanitizer will be available before and after sessions.

Phase 1.5 & Phase 2 Reopening

During phases 1.5 and 2, in-person private and semi-private trainings will be available, in outdoor settings.   To schedule, please email us at  No group trainings, team practices or games.

Phase 3 Reopening

During phase 3 we plan to hold group trainings and team practices, with some indoors.  Our goal will be to get back into rhythm and back into sync with our teammates and coaches.  No games yet.

Phase 4 Reopening

During phase 4 we plan to return to game play, although exactly what that looks like remains to be seen.  We will abide by all restrictions and rules changes set by the state, the city, and specific leagues or tournaments.  This phase could come as early as the end of summer or as late as mid-fall or after.

Virtual Academy

Our Virtual Academy will continue for those athletes who want to stay off the court a bit longer, and as a supplement for those who do come back. Check it out here.

New Waivers

While we are doing our utmost to maintain the safety of our athletes during these unprecedented times, Covid-19 will continue to be a risk until a vaccine is available.  As such, we are asking all our athletes to sign our new waiver. To do so, please register for spring 2020 here.  Thank you for understanding.

Spring Payments

Payments made in March for spring season will be carried over and applied to our summer season, less any charges for Virtual Academy or Virtual Private Trainings.

We've Got You

We fully understand and support each individual athlete's personal decision on when to return to the court.  We'll be there for you when you are ready, no pressure.  

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