LOCALHOOPS is a training academy.  Everything  we do has one purpose: to help our athletes develop the skills they need to achieve their basketball goals.  That's it. That's what we do.

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We care about each and every athlete.  We use the game of basketball to teach life principles, developing athletes on and off the court. Family. That's who we are.

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LOCALHOOPS was founded in Seattle in 2009 by Kelly Edwards, starting with just 3 kids. We now work with nearly a thousand athletes around the greater Seattle area each year! 


We offer comprehensive training programs for athletes of all ages and abilities who want to take their skills to the next level.   We work with each athlete to understand their basketball goals and prepare a custom plan to achieve them, through a combination of skills training and game play.  

The training component of the plan can include a mix of group, semi-private and private training, as well as strength and agility training.  

The game-play component of the plan can include play on the competitive AAU circuit with one of our local or travel teams, ranging from third grade through high school, or participation in our Development League.

The essential skills we focus on are ball handling, shooting, decision making (basketball IQ) and overall athleticism.


Our main focus is the long term development of our athletes while teaching life principles through the game of basketball. We strive to develop awesome basketball players and even better people!