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The right challenge for everyone 

We offer team play options for all abilities, all ages, and all genders

AAU Teams

Competitive play for boys & girls grades K-12th

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Winter season tryouts will be held on Nov. 13th. Only players not currently with LOCALHOOPS need to tryout. Click for full details and registration.

AAU competitive teams offer our highest level of play, including local, regional, and national tournaments. Athletes practice twice a week and have 1 or more tournaments per month, depending on the season. Spring is the busiest, most important season, with the most tournaments and the most college recruiting visibility for athletes in the upper grades. Fall and winter season offer the chance to develop your game year-round and prepare for the school and AAU seasons.

In-House High School League

Developmental play for boys and girls grades 9th - 12th

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Tryouts Saturday Nov. 20th

Welcome to our first annual LOCALHOOPS Winter High School league. In the past LOCALHOOPS has offered Fall, Spring & Summer leagues for high school athletes. This year we will open our Winter program to high school athletes who do NOT plan to play for their school this year. The skill level of our league will be geared towards C team and JV level basketball for boys AND girls!

In-House League

Developmental play for boys and girls grades 5th - 10th

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Players who are new to LOCALHOOPS should attend tryouts on Nov. 13th, for placement. Click for full details and registration.

Our In-House League is more advanced than our Development League and is meant for athletes who are preparing to step up to competitive AAU teams or who just want to improve their games. Athletes practice once per week and play on the weekends. This is a no-cut league, where players of all abilities are welcome.

Development League

Developmental play for boys and girls grades K - 4th

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Players who are new to LOCALHOOPS should attend tryouts on Nov. 13th, for placement. Click for full details and registration.

Our Development League is meant for younger athletes who are learning the game and working to master the fundamentals. Athletes have one weekend session that combines skills drills and inter-squad scrimmages. This is a no-cut league, where players of all abilities are welcome.

Men's League

Competitive play for men 19+

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Stay tuned for details on the next men's league session, coming soon!

Learn More & Sign Up

Our Men's League is a place where ex high school and college athletes can get together to hoop at a high level in a competitive, weekly series of games culminating in playoffs. Both individual and full-team sign ups are welcome.

Our game-play mindset 

Game play   is an essential component of player development, as long as it is approached with the proper mindset.  Our goal is to use the game of basketball to teach real life principles that our athletes will take with them into the next chapter of their lives.  We therefore put less focus on winning games than we do on the development that comes from them. To be clear, every time we take the floor we are playing to win, but winning is not the ultimate goal.  Games play is all about decision making. What separates athletes at a high level the ability to make the right in-game reads consistently. Basketball IQ is the hardest skill to teach, but by far the most important. LOCALHOOPS coaches hold their players to a high standard, and games are the ultimate classroom.

We travel locally, regionally and nationally to compete and gain exposure for our top athletes.

We offer  three seasons of competitive play and year-round development play.  Our AAU seasons are:

Fall - Fall runs from Sept. through mid-Nov. for all grade levels. Tryouts take place end of August/early September. Athletes can expect 1-2 practices per week with either 2 tournaments per month or a Fall league that ends with a Veterans Day weekend tournament.

Winter - Winter is all basketball season! For our 8th grade and below, our top teams compete in local & regional tournaments against top competition. Our B level teams will do a local league and tournaments. We do not offer high school teams in Winter, as we encourage our athletes to play for their school. We do offer Sunday skills workouts for our high level athletes who have aspirations of playing at the collegiate level. Our Winter season runs from mid- November through the end of February. Tryouts for Winter take place early November.

Spring - Spring is the biggest AAU season of the year, where our players build their skills by challenging themselves against the best competition, and also a chance for the older kids to get evaluated by participating in the recruiting process through our NCAA sanctioned tournament circuit. Spring runs from March through early July. Spring tryouts take place end of February.


Summer - Summer is our "off-season". We will however run an in-house league with game play only, no practices to give our athletes the opportunity to still work on game skills in a structured environment without the rigors of a full season. Summer is typically a 5-7 week league where athletes play one game per week, during the week. We will have trainings offered every day during the week for our dedicated athletes. The season will end with one weekend of playoffs towards the end of August before we break for Fall season tryouts. Tryouts for summer season take place end of June.

Come run with us!

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