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Our Game-Play Mindset

At LOCALHOOPS we pride ourselves on being seriously competitive – we go into every game expecting to win and both players and coaches leave it all on the court to make sure that we do. But we do so within the bounds of two foundational philosophies:

First, we believe that the primary purpose of competition is to make our athletes better. Game play is the pinnacle component of player development, a place for athletes to hot-forge the skills they’ve learned from training in the heat of competition.  Shots taken under pressure are more valuable than shots in practice, defending an opposing player makes you stronger than defending your practice partner, and reading the court against an unfamiliar defense makes you smarter. Games are the ultimate classroom.

Second, we believe there is an appropriate level of competition for every level of athlete. Our elite AAU athletes learn and grow under the bright lights, big crowds, and tough teams of national tournaments, while our younger or less experienced athletes do so in settings more appropriate to their growth stage, against teams that will stretch them without discouraging them.

A Roster Spot for Everyone

There's a place on a LOCALHOOPS team for all players - all abilities, all ages, and all genders. We have our AAU travelling teams for our top athletes, our in-house league for our up-and-comers, and our development league for those just starting out. We work closely with every athlete to place them on the right team in the right league, so they achieve most development, get the most satisfaction, and have the most fun! Check out all our ways to play, below.

Our Seasons

We offer three seasons of competitive play and year-round development play. Fall runs from September through mid-November and is all about getting ready for the school season. During winter our high-schoolers take a break to play for their schools while our younger players compete locally and regionally. Then Spring is our big AAU season, when we travel locally and nationally to compete and gain exposure for our top athletes. Then in the summer we run our in-house and development leagues, which also run in all other seasons.

AAU Teams

Competitive play for boys & girls grades K-11th

Fall registration details coming soon!

AAU competitive teams offer our highest level of play, including local, regional, and national tournaments. Athletes practice twice a week and have 2 or more tournaments per month, depending on the season. Spring is the longest, most important season, with the most tournaments and the most college recruiting visibility for athletes in the upper grades. Fall and winter season offer the chance to develop your game year-round and prepare for the school and AAU seasons.

In-House League

Developmental play for boys and girls grades 3rd through 12th

Fall registration details coming soon!

Our In-House League is for athletes who are preparing to step up to competitive AAU teams or who just want to improve their games. It is more advanced than our development league. Athletes practice once per week and play on the weekends. This is a no-cut league, where players of all abilities are welcome.

Development League

Developmental play for boys and girls grades K through 2nd

Fall registration details coming soon!

Our Development League is meant for younger athletes who are learning the game and working to master the fundamentals. Athletes have one weekend session that combines skills drills and inter-squad scrimmages. This is a no-cut league, where players of all abilities are welcome.

Summer Men's League

Competitive play for men 19+

Stay tuned for details on the next men's league session, coming soon!

Our Summer Men's League is a place where ex high school and college athletes can get together to hoop at a high level in a competitive, weekly series of games culminating in playoffs. Both individual and full-team sign-ups are welcome.

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