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We are a training academy first and foremost. We develop players at all levels in every aspect of the game.

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Our Focus Is on Training

"If you want to look good in front of thousands, you have to outwork thousands in front of nobody." - Damian Lillard

Weekly training is the critical foundation for your game - there is no shortcut to success. It's the hours of regular practice you put in that will determine your success once you step onto the court. And we're here to guide your development on a daily and weekly basis. We'll give you drills that focus on the most important skills for each stage of your growth, we'll identify and help you adjust the little mechanics that make a huge difference, like footwork and shooting form. We'll help you increase your strength, fitness, flexibility and help you increase your basketball IQ and mental strength.

We offer three types of weekly training so there's something to fit every athlete's needs - Individual Training, Group Training, and Virtual Training. Check them out and register below, or check out our camps and clinics if you're looking to compliment your weekly training with intensive sessions over holidays and school breaks.

Individual Training

Our individual training offers skills development tailored exactly to your specific needs, in any and all aspects of the game. We'll work on exactly the areas you want to focus on. Sessions are available in private and semi-private formats.

Private and Semi-Private Training

Private and Semi-private trainings are available for current LocalHoops AAU Athletes. If you would like to get on a list for private or semi-private trainings, please email

Group Training

When you're ready to master each individual aspect of the game, we're ready. Our group training sessions focus on specific skills, going deep on things like shooting form, game tactics, mental skills, strength & fitness, and lots more.

Note: You can attend any of our group trainings using our Group Training Pass - mix and match as much as you like! Just buy a pass and then head to our calendar to reserve your spots in the classes you want to attend.


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